With several options to choose from, EDGIN & Associates Worktraqâ„¢ process / governance solutions bridges the gap between: performance expectations, regulation requirements, and long haul process automation, and federates these into a unified solutions platform. From self service offerings, all the way up to fully managed process automation and auditing, you shape the longevity of critical operations.

The next step in your streamlined operations are the mechanisms that keep it running. With the expertise and foresight, we can manipulate these complex tasks into simple procedures.

Tuning the relationships between: events, activities, and triggers takes a solution that is easy to understand and scales when necessary. Our tracks identify your needs, deploying answers within minutes.

Providing you with the best tools, whether it be personalized off-shelf applications or customized solutions. keeping things simple and clean, with minimal amount of training overhead.

Keeping high profile issues low key. Your privacy stays intact while achieving remediation. Solving issues within vendor or employee negligence allows you to recover quickly.